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Jet Boat

Jet Boat

Experience the pleasure of adrenaline at the highest level in Cappadocia with our Jet Boat tours.

Kapadokya / Nevşehir


You are the ones watching while we take our captains on the river with the gondola tour.

Kapadokya / Nevşehir
Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari

Discover Cappadocia in the company of professional drivers with our Jeef Safari tours.

Kapadokya / Nevşehir

    About Us

    Kızılırmak River, also known as the Halys River in ancient Greek, is the longest river in Turkey flowing for a total of about 1,350 kilometers. The Hittites called it the Maraššantiya. It formed the Western boundary of the Hittite empire. From the 9th to the 13th centuries many significant Christian communities lived in Cappadocia; around Ürgüp, Göreme, Uçhisar, Çavuşin, Zelve and Avanos. Kapadokya Jet Boat and Gondola company aim to show you a different perspective of this spiritually noble, historically rich and geographically wonderful "Land of the Horses", Cappadocia.

    We propose to take you on a leisurely Gondola ride in Avanos. If you prefer a more adventurous Jet Boat experience we can take you to Kızılırmak. Or we can offer you our Jeep Safari where you will see sights that normal tourist do not see.

    We are the first and only licenced company to operate Gondolas on the Kızılırmak river in Avanos. There is nothing more romantic than a Gondola ride down this tranquil river while watching the world go by. Let the professionals show you the sights of Cappadocia. Our experienced drivers will take groups of 4 passengers in a Land Rover Jeep and show you the sights of Cappadocia other operators only talk about. Our Jeep Safaris are not rushed and there are no shopping stops.

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