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Jet Boat

Experience the pleasure of adrenaline at the highest level in Cappadocia with our Jet Boat tours.

Experience the ultimate dose of adrenaline packed adventure including extreme 360 degree Hamilton spins, high-speed drifting, and other exciting manoeuvres... Whilst exploring the beautiful Kizilirmak river. Cappadocia is fast becoming the adventure capital of Turkey and Jet Boating is the new, 'must do' activity for the whole family.

  • Jet Boat Tours depart from our purpose built jetty in Avanos.
  • Tour duration is 30 minutes plus a 15 minute break at Sarihidir.
  • Minimum 5 passengers are required to commence a tour.
  • Tours start at 13.00 hours daily.
  • Jet Boat and Gondola operations are subject to satisfactory water level and clear vision on the river. Please call 0384 511 3459 two hours before your scheduled trip and and get a confirmation.
  • Tour with a break : 10 min.
  • Tour without a break : 20 min.
  • Minimum passenger : 4
  • Arrival of our guests at the Kapadokya Jet Boat & Gondola reception building. After registration and ticketing the guests are accompanied to the jetty where they are equipped with Life Jackets and Helmets. They are given a safety briefing on board.
  • We start with a high speed drive towards Sarihidir village. At Sarihidir we have a 10-15 minute break where the passangers are offered Tea or Coffee and have the oppotunity to take photographs and have a short walk around the ancient village. After the break we drive towards the Sarihidir HES dam (Hydro Electric Dam). All the way to the dam and back, our drivers perform high speed maneouvers and 360 degree Hamilton spins. During the Jet Boat tours there will be 2-3 additional stops to take photographs of the surrounding area and the birds.

We provide Life Jackets and helmets for all our passangers. You are advised to bring your own sun glasses. Children who are taller than 1.20 m. and who are older than 9 years old can take part in our tours provided they are accompanied by an adult. Pregnant ladies; people with spine, heart and panic attack problems are not recommended to take part in these tours. All our passengers are covered by our comprehensive Insurance Cover. Passengers who bring their own cameras, video cameras, or any other electronic devices are responsible for the safety and the security of those items. For security reasons, passengers are not allowed to make videos and/or take photographs while the Jet Boat is in motion. Each Jet Boat is equipped with a front and back video cameras, taking videos of the tour. Also each boat is tracked by a satellite tracking system.

Kızılırmak 1

  • Built in: New Zealand 1988
  • Capacity: 18*1
  • Engine: 1 x 364 HP 6VVT Marine Power
  • Jet Unit: 1 x Hamilton 212

KapadokyaJet 1-2

  • Built in: New Zealand 2012
  • Capacity: 22* 1
  • Engine: 2 x 330 HP MerCruiser Black Scorpion
  • Jet Unit: 2 x Hamilton 212
  • Dress according to the prevailing weather conditions on the day of the tour.
  • Wear flat and comfortable sports shoes.

Payment could be made using Visa/MasterCard/Amex, travellers' cheques and cash both in Turkish and foreign currencies.

All payments will be refunded if tours are cancelled due to bad weather or insufficient water level in the river. If you make a cancellation 48 hours prior to your booked tour and inform us in writing, no charges will be levied and all monies due will be refunded. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the booked tour, passengers who do not turn up or last minute cancellations will have to be paid in full.

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